JMAD: Judging Models and Data

Edmund Chattoe-Brown, University of Leicester, UK

Jason Hugh Thompson, University of Melbourne, Australia

Harko Verhagen, University of Stockholm, Sweden

Nanda Wijermans, University of Stockholm, Sweden

Agent-Based Modelling seems to have a divided attitude to data. On one hand, the community seems to argue that is desirable and valuable in general terms to use data in the designing or developing phase. On the other, in most specific models, comparison of model results with data is extreme limited in practice. Additionally, the modelling activity and its outcomes may even inform the modeller about what data to look for, as the data available at the time of modelling may be insufficient. An added complication is what kind of division this is. Is comparing models to data purely a practical challenge that we do not yet know how to solve? Does it reflect differing aims of modelling? Or even of science or the art of modelling itself?

This session wants to progress debate (and ideally actual model-data comparison) in this area organised around attempts to relate (in the broadest possible sense) models with data. But it doesn’t want to limit itself to practical challenges (although specific models may help to provide focus) but also to consider experiences with reviewers, model “users” (including policy makers), “the community” and other groups.